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We were pilgrims to Washington. Just up the road to the north from our Oregon Estate. Since our start in Washington with the 2005 harvest, we have embraced the state. In turn, the state has embraced us too. Kindred spirits of the Pacific Northwest.

Our philosophy continues to be that we make wine for wine lovers. It’s not about us. It’s about you. Artisan-crafted wines, affordable enough for wine lovers to enjoy every day. My family has always called this a business plan- integrity. Works for us- and we work for you.

We treat our wines with dignity and respect. We employ winemaking techniques usually reserved only for the smallest boutique wineries. We respect our vineyard partners, and let the quality of the fruit speak for themselves as we craft North by Northwest. 

I am one of those lucky people who has a great sister- as both business partner and wine lover. My sister, Shelley King Theis,has always had incredible passion for the wines of the region, working alongside our talented winemakers. It’s this dedication to the craft that makes North by Northwest wines so special. So Go Northwest, Wine Lover and drink well!’

Ed King III- CEO of King Estate

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